Take control of your content

WebPal allows anyone to now manage their website content regardless of technical knowledge. Adoption is fast - with an intuitive interface, developers and marketing professionals alike will be contributing in no time.

Web Content Management

WebPal allows your team to manage web portals like they have never been able to before. Rapid content development in a slick and fast user interface makes team adoption a breeze. Say goodbye to costly SharePoint implementation projects. WebPal offers powerful content functionality right from the start.


Intuitive Interface 

WebPal is the single interface for authors, editors, designers, and IT, offering fine-grained access control, WYSIWYG editors, preview & staging workflows, spell checking and change rollback. 

Out-of-the-box Functionality

WebPal's extensive library of Content Nodes allows users to pick and choose functionality right from the get-go with no custom development required. Reduce development costs and turnaround time with a solid framework in place.


Responsive Web Design

Cater to a growing base of mobile device users with a content management system that has Responsive Web Design templates built right in. WebPal supports standards for all possible screen layouts and makes your sites look good anywhere. 

Approval Workflow

With unlimited permission levels, WebPal is ideal for multi-departmental, multi-site enterprise deployments that require custom work flows and a sophisticated launch schedule including quality assurance and audit trail or compliance management.




Make WebPal your own - with a plugin framework that allows custom extensions to be added in a secure fashion you can add proprietary functionality or integrate third party widgets in a snap. 

Social Media & User Engagement

Connect, promote and push all of your social media channels with WebPal social Content Nodes such as surveys, blogs, calendars and social sharing. WebPal provides all the tools to increase customer engagement and manage the end user experience.


Built-in Search Engine Optimization

Does SEO drive your business? Websites developed in WebPal are published for optimal results in all major search engines. We have incorporated recommendations of leading SEO experts right into WebPal and continuously adjust based on best practice.

Intranet Sites & Knowledge Bases

Host your intranet sites on WebPal Cloud Server and get organized. Custom function nodes make management, content dissemination and life cycle management of organizational content a breeze.