webpal cloud server industries

The sky is the limit

Flexibility and agility is the conceptual foundation for WebPal Cloud Server. See why organizations with over 400,000 users are turning to WebPal to control content and customize their workflow.

WebPal Showcase

Content Management and Cloud Storage are an obvious solution for many organizations. Read below how organizations in many verticals are using WebPal to manage their online and offline content and workflow applications. 

Content Management

The WebPal Cloud Server combines online document management, cloud storage and enterprise content management to deliver complete solutions for any online business process. Our clients rely on WebPal for their daily communication needs and combine secure document storage with online publishing to provide a full-circle end-user experience.

Commercial Property Management

Some of the largest property management firms are using the WebPal Cloud Server as a solution for their risk management and compliance needs, storing documents in a single safe location for access by staff, tenants, service personnel and consultants as needed. Talk to us about the benefits of cloud storage for safety compliance.

Financial Services and Insurance

WebPal Cloud Servers are used by our clients in Financial Services and Insurance for compliance and online business processes. For example, tuition subsidy applications for Ontario's private schools are managed securely in the WebPal cloud. WebPal servers are used to store & distribute board minutes, governance documents, and insurance policies. Private cloud servers guarantee full isolation and security compliance.


Research and Development

WebPal is a growing suite of software. With the help of our academic partners, we are continuously working on new functionality for WebPal plug-ins and productivity extensions. Ocean Scientists of the Eastern Seaboard are using WebPal for collaborative knowledge management and have extended their server with automatic clustering and knowledge extraction features, that are frankly, out of this world.

Healthcare and Senior Care

Whether it is for Community Care, Long Term Care, University Clinics or Pharmaceutical Research, knowledge sharing is vital to improving patient care. Researchers and practitioners are using WebPal Servers to securely store documents, disseminate knowledge, gather data, analyse and share results. A large health authority in Eastern Canada gathers insights about quality of care, while a UK market research firm is conducting global market studies on some of the most concerning diseases of the world. We're proud to help.

Education and Academic

Teaching is all about content. Creating content, sharing documents, reviewing, and gathering. Several large trade schools are using WebPal on a daily basis to present their course offerings and material, while universities are using our cloud to store and share knowledge among groups of researchers with common interests. Mobile access to documents is in growing demand as the student body prefers immediate access to knowledge with increasingly sophisticated devices.


Associations and Public Service

We count many organizations in the semi-public space our clients as a direct result of WebPal's obvious benefits to this sector. With no technical knowledge required and zero installation effort, WebPal Cloud Servers are ideal for groups without IT departments or patience for long turn-around. WebPal assists in cloud content management and publishing, but offers extension capabilities that make the most experienced techie blush.