Cloud based data management

Are you sick of maintaining multiple spreadsheets to track and manage your data? In a snap WebPal can setup robust data tables enabling management all web data from one user friendly web-based interface.

Reporting and Data Management

Why keep your important databases on an insecure Access or FileMaker installation if you can easily move it onto your secure cloud server? WebPal allows import, management and connectivity of business process data, giving you the ability to query and interact online from anywhere - even your smart phone!

Web User Interface

WebPal provides a fast, intuitive view into business data captured from user's content interaction. Valuable insight can be managed and viewed with a simple-to-use interface. Add, filter and export data with easily navigable controls, all in one place.

Exporting and Reporting

A wealth of information is recorded in daily activity logs and data input forms. WebPal Cloud Server gathers all this data in a single repository, ready for export in various spreadsheet formats as well as detailed reporting via visual chart dashboards and tables.

Custom Dashboards 

Manage your custom apps dashboard via WebPal, maintain record change management with the record edit panel, and capture or push data seamlessly to third party systems including payment gateways, accounting systems and CRM tools.


Other than with public cloud services, your WebPal Cloud Server resides in specific data centers, and will always comply with security standards and compliance terms specified at launch time. Our WebPal deployment team evaluates compliance requirements ahead of launch to assess the ideal location and network setup for a particular WebPal deployment.