WebPal Node Reference

Developers and Marketing professionals alike can take advantage of our Node Library to pick functionality that matches their communication needs. The WebPal library is growing steadily and easy to use.

WebPal CMS Node Packages

The Web Node

The web node is the top-level container for the entire web site containing all of the content, design templates and access controls.

Global Web Settings

These nodes are added right to the web node and provide global settings that affect search engine optimization, publishing, database connectivity and localization options

Access & Permission Control

Control which users have access to edit the content of your website with this node. Add users, and create groups to setup authoring teams.

Basic Content Nodes

All content nodes are in a hierarchy below the "chapters" (wpChapterList) node. The first top-level chapter represents the home page of a web site. Each chapter represents a page on the site and holds any number of content nodes. This package contains the most basic content nodes.

Include and Structure Content

Nodes for different ways to include and display content. Specifically, to include content from other sources such as local files, remote urls or WebPal-managed repositories, and to display content in a tabbed format for increased usability.

Design & Layout Nodes

A web can contain multiple design nodes, each representing a template for layout and styling. Design nodes can inherit styles from each other and contain design-related content and functional nodes.

Navigation Nodes

The navigation node package includes not only the basic navigation node, but also the sitemap, location-path (bread-crumb-trail) and sub chapter list nodes. These nodes provide automatically generated menus with dynamic behaviours.

Graphics, Movies and Banners

This package contains a variety of design elements used when developing templates. Each of these is inserted in a layoutbox in a canvas. These include things like rotating and fading banners to simple added-value tiles.

Usability & Social Bookmarking

These nodes are added directly to a canvas layout box. Each of these is an add-on, or widget, which increases usability and promotes networking and communication.

Image Galleries

A variety of image galleries are available, from a carousel style gallery to a modal gallery.

Online Survey

The survey node is a great way to engage your users on different levels. Easily setup a poll to promote feedback or solicit an opinion, or alternatively create a quiz to have some fun!

Blog Node

The blog has become a standard feature in websites of all shapes and sizes across all verticals. The WebPal blog node is a great tool for establishing a dialog with your users. Quickly and easily setup an area where your expert(s) can write articles and have users comment in real time.

News List

The News List allows you to automate the structure and format of an ongoing list of news articles. In additions this node also automated the generation of an RSS feed which can be used in conjunction with the RSS Feed node to provide you with an up to date News Flash on your home page.

Event List

The eventlist is a great node to use when you need to display upcoming events on your website. It can also be used to populate a calendar.

Generic List

Powerful generic list node with many options. This node can be used for many purposes such as job lists, project lists, member lists, etc. Allows logos in index page and individual pages.

Staff List

The stafflist is a great node to use when you need to display a list of contacts, staff or members.

Link List

The Link List is a convenient way of formatting a series of references, specifically links, in a similar fashion.

Product List & Online Store

The Product List allows you to create a complete online store for display of products with images and descriptions. Each product may be sold in different configurations (SKUs), individually priced. The product-list can be combined with and online store node to facilitate shopping-cart functionality.

Agenda Node

The agenda node is a great tool to create a two column table, specifically used for scheduling.

Site Search

Insert a site search at the click of a button with this node. WebPal's custom search algorithm indexes your site every night and will display results based on search relevance, and as an added bonus will display the document type for each result.

Online Form & Action Nodes

The web-form node is a great tool to use when creating a form. This node also give developers an easy way to customize on-submit actions.

Styling Nodes

This is documentation for the new styling nodes - need to review.

Basic Node Types

These are the basic node types which serve as the building blocks for the majority of the node packages.