Shape your workflow

WebPal Apps allow you to customize your web assets into one unified business process. Custom dashboards, dynamic data capturing and merchant integration are just a few of the options available with your WebPal Cloud Content Server.

Custom Applications 

Customize your own application workflow with the building blocks already in place.  Build up on legacy systems, integrate with third party platforms or simply build your solution from the ground up.  The sky is the limit when you're in the WebPal Cloud.  



Custom Business Processes

Most businesses rely on specific work flows around their content and documents. WebPal Cloud Server plugins, custom forms, and templates let you define your process in the cloud and give your customers the benefit of online collaboration. Best of all, you can monitor it all from one central dashboard!


Integrate with online payment gateways such as PayPal, ProPay and Google Checkout - WebPal Cloud Server has a shopping cart node built-in with capability to manage your entire online store in one place.


Geo Mashups & API

Need to put your business on the map? WebPal has geo-mapping nodes that can make your geo-mapping project easy. WebPal has various interfaces that allow interaction with Google Maps, and other 3rd Party platforms. Developers, have a look at our API Documentation.